COVID Veterinary Visit Procedures

Taking your dog to the vet during COVID times

It’s a strange time in today’s society that has made everyday living more complicated. Now even a trip to the vet has been altered by COVID. Find out the procedures during a COVID veterinary visit.

Curb-side Service During COVID Veterinary Visit

Many veterinary hospitals and clinics are now doing curbside service. Instead of going into the building, veterinarians and staff come out to your car to get information and take your pet into the building to receive care.

This may sound scary to the pet parent, but it has been a positive between staff and clients. Here is an example of how the appointment goes:

  • When you come to your appointment, the parking lot may have numbered spots that tell you to call/text that you are there and what spot you are in.
  • A masked staff member will come to your car and ask about your appointment and any information you have on your pet. (I would advise to also be wearing a mask)
  • The staff member will then ask you to get your pet out of the car and have the staff member put on a leash from the clinic (this is to keep from cross contaminating the leash to other veterinary staff)
  • You can stay in your car, sit outside, or tell the staff you will be going somewhere (many clinics like you to stay at your parking spot in case the veterinarian wants to speak to you face to face)
  • Inside the building, your pet will be weighed, have temperature taken, and then the veterinarian will look at your pet. The veterinarian will then call you on the phone or come out to your car to discuss any services that should be done.
  • When all services are finished, a staff member will call you on the phone to close out the billing. You can either give them your credit/debit card info over the phone, have a staff member come to your car to retrieve credit/debit card, write a check, or use cash.
  • After billing is complete, a staff member will bring your pet back out to your car with any medications or supplies you need.

COVID Veterinary Visits With Euthansias

For euthanasias, many clinics will let immediate family members into the building.


I have personally been a staff member at a veterinary clinic during COVID times. Here are some things to consider:

  • Please tell the staff if you plan to leave. This makes it easier for the staff to hold onto your pet until you get back.
  • Please put cats in cat carriers. This is for the safety of the animal and staff. (Cats have five ways of injuring who’s handling them by their claws and teeth)
  • Please be patient with the staff. They are trying their hardest to best serve you and your pet.
  • Please help the staff by taking your pet out of your car. (Many dogs claim the car as their property and may become aggressive)

These are difficult times and things are always changing.

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