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Positive Reinforcement When Your Dog Doesn’t like Treats

What to do when your dog doesn't like treats for training. Use positive reinforcement with other items such as toys and petting.

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Chewing Shoes Is My Dogs Pastime

Why in the world do dogs love smelling and chewing shoes? Well it might have to do with where we go or boredom of nothing to chew.


Dog Collars: Necklaces and Training Collars

Looking for dog collars can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for training collars or just a collar to put your dog's tags on.

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Kids and Dog Manners When Together

Kids and dog should know how to play with each other and know boundaries when it's not safe. Supervision is #1 with kids and dogs together.

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Young Kids and Dogs Together in Peace

Adults should always supervise young kids and dogs when together. Accidents can happen very quickly with dogs and young kids.