Poem About Dogs Protecting Their Yard

When Other Dogs Want to Use Your Yard

To Every Dog

Take your crap elsewhere!

Don’t be so seedy!

Can’t you poop at your own place?

Who said my patch was yours to deface

With your artless fecal graffiti?

C’mon, buddy, and be a trooper

Not an indiscriminate, wandering pooper!

Like me, you wouldn’t find it hard


Poem About Taking Your Dog Potty At Night

Into The S**tfilled Night

I’m ready for my walk.

My boots are laced up tight.

So leash me good and send me out

Into the shit-filled night.

Neither glass nor stones nor phlegm in the street,

Nor any of the crap with which the yard’s replete

Will cause my sensitive paws to freak

Or stop this dog from taking a leak.

O Beautiful Absorbent Land (The Land I Go Potty On)

Ever wonder what is going through your dog’s head when they go potty outside? Here is a great poem that I think all dogs are thinking!

“Where shall I leave my mark?”

O beautiful absorbent land,

Too vast to find itself defiled

By any single dog or child!

So spacious it’s as if you planned

That every mountain, plain, and river,

Every sacred rock and stump

Beseeched my very bowels to quiver!

On you I proudly take a dump.

“There’s nothing like going potty in the fresh air!”

What I Look For In a Poem (Only In Dog Poetry)

“This poem comes straight from my Boxer heart.”

Being a dog loving person and loving a good dog poem, some of the dog topics may sound weird. I like looking for all kinds of information about dogs and different medical health conditions. Sure, I know some topics people may think I’m weird, but I just want to know all I can about keeping fur companions happy and healthy.

Many people feel that they sound stupid or uneducated about dogs. Don’t be shy! I’m here to help you with anything to do with dogs.

No question is a stupid question.

Albert Einstein
“I wish I was bilingual in dog and Human language!”

What I look for in a poem is grace,

In which each word knows its place

And metaphors flow out of sense,

And there’s consistency of tense.

I look for poems about rabies

Or the threat posed by dogs to babies,

That focus on scabies or skin conditions

Or dogs who can’t control their emissions.

But all of it done in extremely good taste!

Because a poem is a horrible thing to waste.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I’ve probably heard them all! Contact Me!

Owners That Say NO!

When you say NO!

There is no love behind your jabbing, pointed finger.

When you say NO!

There is no tenderness in your scary, rigid body.

When you say NO!

There is no joy in your angry, contorted face.

When you say NO!

I feel I must cower, then slink away to soil your favorite things.

You should learn another word.