swan on lake against mountain
Dog Poetry

Poem About How Dogs Meditate

Some dogs like to take a break from everyday life and go back to think about what makes them happy. Usually in a field or open space.

calm dog sitting on floor at home
Dog Poetry

Poem About Dogs Judging Humans

Did you know that you're dog may be judging you? What are dog's thinking when they are judging humans? This poem explains dogs are better.

white and black short coated bulldog
Dog Poetry

Poem of Dogs’ Squishy Jowls

Do you like to squish a dog's jowl and kiss them? Most dogs know that their jowls are the best feature of them!

shetland sheepdog sitting on fence
Dog Poetry

Poem About Dogs Protecting Their Yard

Ever wonder why dogs bark at others dogs when they come into their yard. Here is a funny poem of a dog wanting other dogs to stay away.

dog sitting on ground under blue starry sky
Dog Poetry

Poem About Taking Your Dog Potty At Night

Cute poem about dogs going out to potty at night. What are dogs thinking about when they go out at night?

closeup photo of black and white dog
Dog Poetry, Funny

When They Just Want Scratches

A poem about when dogs just want some scratches instead of a walk.

obedient purebred dog resting on mountain slope on sunny day
Dog Poetry

O Beautiful Absorbent Land (The Land I Go Potty On)

A very fine poem from a dog that loves the land that they go potty on. Dogs love to potty in nature with all the scenery while they potty.

Dog Poetry

What I Look For In a Poem (Only In Dog Poetry)

This funny dog poem mentions some of the health problems of dogs. I know being a dog lover myself, you'll want your fur companion happy.

grayscale photo of french mastiff close up photo
Dog Poetry

Owners That Say NO!

Saying NO! to a dog can cause them to be hurt. This poem comes from a dog that has an owner that tells them NO! very often.