Short Nose Faced Dogs (Brachycephalic Dogs)

Dogs that look like they ran into a wall!

Who can resist a smooshy short nose face like that?

“If you squeeze me, I’ll snort and fart!”

There are many things to consider with a short nose face

These short nose dogs are just too cute. But they do come with more medical issues since their noses are not equipped with a normal structure. Most dogs with this structure snore, grunt, wheeze, breathe harder, inhale food (aspirate where food gets into the lungs), not tolerate heat because they can’t breathe fast enough to cool down, and more complications with their throats.

With these small airways, it is harder for the dog to breathe and they take in less oxygen than normal dog airways. The soft palate (above pic) is what makes the dog snore, wheeze, and inhale food or water.

It is very important to watch these dogs when eating, drinking, and playing.

In warm weather, it is difficult for these dogs to cool themselves off as fast. They have to pant harder to breathe. Most of these kind of dogs have narrow nostrils that make it hard. If they get too exerted, they may faint or go into a coma. This is a serious issue because they are not getting enough oxygen to their brain. If this happens, rush them to the nearest veterinary hospital.

It gets harder and harder to breath with a tiny nose.

If they have inhaled food or water, you may notice they start to breath with a raspy sound in their chest. This is because they have accidentally inhaled to where their lungs get filled up filled up with the food or water. If this happens right after they have ate or drank water, rush them to the nearest veterinary clinic.

Be sure to do your research before adding these smooshed nosed dogs to your family

Personal Experience With Short Nose Dogs

I’ve had personal experience with pugs, boxers, and pit bulls with smooshed noses. Yes they will snore even if they aren’t sleeping!! (My husband won’t let Chloe sleep with us because of her snoring. It’s LOUD!!) In hot weather, I only recommend potty breaks and short walks (make sure they are not panting hard).

My snorting babies!

Short Nose Emergency

If you come across a dog that is panting hard and collapsing, get help immediately!! The first things you can do is put a COOL towel (not cold because this restricts blood flow) and alcohol on the pads of their feet (this brings out the heat). Dogs can only sweat through their paws.

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