Owners That Say NO!

grayscale photo of french mastiff close up photo
Lab in kitchen with paper towels and broken dishes.
Don't say no.

When you say NO!

There is no love behind your jabbing, pointed finger.

When you say NO!

There is no tenderness in your scary, rigid body.

When you say NO!

There is no joy in your angry, contorted face.

When you say NO!

I feel I must cower, then slink away to soil your favorite things.

You should learn another word.

black pug wearing striped apparel. Don't say no to me!

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My love of animals started when I volunteered at a humane society. From there I wanted to teach people how to take care of their precious pets and get the word out about adopting. I went to Animal Behavior College and got my Dog Obedience Certification. I have been working in veterinary clinics and give people information about dogs.

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