obedient purebred dog resting on mountain slope on sunny day
Dog Poetry

O Beautiful Absorbent Land (The Land I Go Potty On)

Ever wonder what is going through your dog’s head when they go potty outside? Here is a great poem that I think all dogs are thinking!

Golden dog standing on river deck with mountains in the background. wondering where to go potty
“Where shall I leave my mark?”

O beautiful absorbent land,

Too vast to find itself defiled

By any single dog or child!

So spacious it’s as if you planned

That every mountain, plain, and river,

Every sacred rock and stump

Beseeched my very bowels to quiver!

On you I proudly take a dump.

Dog, Grass, Defecating, Pooping, potty
“There’s nothing like going potty in the fresh air!”

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