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Just One More Treat (How Much is Too Much?)

French Bulldog, Dog, Face, Portrait. Asking for treat
“I promise this is the last time I’ll ask for a treat!”

Just one more treat

I won’t ask again

Just one more treat

And I’ll go to my den

Just one more treat

It’s just a suggestion

Just one more treat

It’s good for digestion

Just one more treat

Perhaps a small bone

Just one more treat

And I’ll leave you alone

Do you feed your dog more than you should?

Pet obesity is on the rise with people feeding more food than they should. Amounts on food bags are more because those companies want you to buy more food than you should. It’s sad that many companies do this just to get more money.

Dachsaund sitting on the couch with clothes on and popcorn treat and tv remote on lap
“This is what I see you do everyday. Why can’t I be a couch potato too?”

Feeding your dog too much food and too many treats is not healthy for your pup. This can lead to health problems along the way.

Take my word for it! My Frankie got hefty and developed diabetes. He would act weird like he was out of his mind and start peeing on the carpet where he was standing. He seen the vet immediately.

Frankie ignoring me by turning his head away from the camera.
“Mom, I’m going to pretend that I didn’t hear you call me chunky!”

He was put on insulin for the rest of his life. Getting insulin for your dog without pet insurance is very expensive. It would fluctuate between $100 – $300 for one vile. Frankie was given 3cc every morning and night which stretched the vile for about 6 months. (I have noticed that the longer you have insulin, the weaker it gets.)

He was put on a diet with special food from Science Diet for Weight and Diabolic nutrients. He lost about 12 pounds (which is a lot for a pug)!

Frankie walking around in the house with a screwdriver.
“I’m feeling energized and ready to work after getting that extra weight off!”

Food From Vet

You will need a prescription from your vet to get this type of food. Veterinarians want to make sure your dog is getting the right nutrients for their specific condition.

Chloe is a Skinny Machine!

Chloe sitting on a pink yoga mat.
“Mom, it’s time to do some yoga, then we can go for a 4 mile walk!”

I educated myself more on how much a dog should be fed and limiting treats. I’ve kept Chloe at a steady weight of 50 lbs and make sure to limit treats. (Even though she will bug to get a treat!) She usually eats one or twice a day (according how much exercise we do) and gets treats in her B-A-L-L to keep her busy at times. Chloe and I try to walk everyday for around 2 miles. She can still pull me along because we aren’t going fast enough even though she’s 12 years old.

Chloe endorses this toy with her life. If we go anywhere for a day, she has to bring this toy with her. I forgot it once and she whined the whole day even though I gave her treats in other things.

Chloe sitting by her treat ball.
“I’ll wait until you’re done working before I start bugging you to put a treat in my ball.”

Keep your pup happy and healthy!!

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