It’s Funny Dog Friday! See How Dogs Make Us Laugh!

I’ve picked the funnies dogs for funny dog Friday with dogs doing what they do best! Making us humans laugh and forget about our worries. Dogs know how to cheer us up whether we are sad or angry. They are definitely the best animals on the planet!

Hina Is Doing This On Purpose… Just Trying To Cheer You All Up!

“Come on Hina, just act normal!”

My Dog Is 16, So I Figured It’s Time For Some Driving Lessons

“I’m not so sure about this. I can’t even reach the pedals.”

This Is Billie. She Never Understood Why I Had A Set Of Keys To Bring In The Car And She Didn’t. I Got Her A Set Of Her Own And Now She Insists On Bringing Them Anytime We Go For A Drive!

“One of these days, I’m going to find the car that goes with these keys.”


“I see you, but can you see me?”

The Perfect Spot

“As the sun moves, I flip to my other side!”

That’s A Lotta Derps

Mom: “Being a mom is exhausting!”
Puppies: “Being a kid is hart!”

The Perfect Tattoo Doesn’t Exi…

“I know I’m handsome with my derpy face!”

Double Boop

“Mom, I picked up a new friend.”

And With The Melting Snow, The Mystery Of The Missing Socks Was Solved

“Don’t look at me like that! I was keeping them fresh and stink free!”

His Royal Woofness

“I’m trying out a new wig!”

Still Fits!

“I wish we could remodel my sleeping hole!”

My 15 Year Old Chihuahua Has Very Sensitive Eyes Due To Iris Atrophy. Here She Is In Her “Doggles.” I Smile At This Photo On An Hourly Basis. Hope It Has The Same Effect For Others.

“Don’t tell mom, but I just like looking cool!”

Just Want To Apologize To Any Of Our Neighboors Who Are Missing A Full Rack Of Ribs. Our Dog Escaped Through The Fence And Came Back An Hour Later With This

“I went to what I think was the store. You would not believe how easy it was to shop!”

Attack Funny Dog

“I warned you! Now you get my teethers!”

What? You’re Not Going To Include Me?

“I should be front and center!”

Same Same. You Guys Are Funny Dog

“Is this my family?”

Funny Dog Doga

“What? I’m not going to have COVID body when this is done!”

My Friend Made Holes In His Gate So Gus The Labrador Can See And Sniff

“Peek-a-boo! I see all.”

Just Taking A Nap After Eating All The Strawberry Jam

Owner: “Oh My God! Our baby bled to death!!!” Puppy: “I just ate some some strawberry jam. What’s the big deal?”

My Funny Dog Stole The Head Of A Dish Brush

“You’re always telling me to brush my teeth!”

Im A Monsterr!!!! Not A Funny Dog!!

“I don’t like the way you scuttle. Walk like a real dog!”

Just Act Natural. They Can’t Tell If I’m A Funny Dog

“I do everything just like my little human.”

My Pup A Year Ago

“I’m feeling a little like Inception.”

When You Didn’t Expect Your Owner To Come Right Back Cause They Forgot Something. Funny Dog!

“I thought I would take a short cut!”

This Is My New Dad? Funny Dog Reaction

“OMG!! They are kissing!! Now I’ll have two humans to give me treats!!!”

It Fits. Funny Dog Frenchie

“Mama always said I had a big mouth.”

My Dog Showing My Girlfriend That I’m His…

“Lady, this is MY bro. Don’t you even think of getting in between this bro-mance.”

Uh-Oh! I Can Explain

“Sir, those aren’t mine. I was holding on to those for another dog.”

I Am Batman

“Damn Jokers think they can get away with this?”

My New Fur Scarf, Isn’t It Fabulous?!?! You’re Such A Funny Dog

“When it’s cold outside, you make due of what you have!”

Doggo Hat. Funny Dog Sitting On Human’s Head

“Is there something on my butt?”

Every Time I Call Williams Name. Funny Dog Head Throwback

“Whatcha want?”

When You Hear The Dog Park Is Closed. Such a Funny Dog Position

“I spent all that time getting ready for the park. Now all I have now is to pout.”

This Rottweiler Is A Real Special One

“Dah, I don’t know how I’m suppose to act.”


“Bark, I mean, Quack, Quack!”

Dog Looks Like It Could Be A Crash Bandicoot Villain

“They say there’s a lot of treats somewhere. But I forgot where they said.”


“I like my cheez-wiz with a little human scalp salt.”

Poor Coin Slot Pupper

“Mom, I think that’s to put extra treats into.”

Uhhh… I Don’t Think That’s How You Do That


Husky Encounters The Wind

“I don’t want to mess up my fur. AAAAHHHHHHHH!”

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