Name Your Dog: What’s In A Name?

The big question:

What should I name my dog?

You either are thinking about getting a dog or already have them in your home. Now what should you name them? Naming your dog is just as difficult as naming humans. But it comes down to personal preference.

“Can you pick just one?”

In naming your dog, you should pick something that is simple to say and doesn’t sound harsh like with a “k” at the end. Dogs tend to pay more attention to names that end with “y” or “ie” like Frankie. This is what you will be calling for them to “come” to you. (I know a lot of people have nicknames for their dogs.)

“Is that what you want to call me?”

You can go though names with your dog and see if they react to a certain name. This is really good if you adopted a dog that had already been named and you want to rename them. (This can help the dog associate new people are good to be around.) Some dogs may just look at you like your talking giberish!

I like to get to know the dog’s personality first before make a full commitment on a name. If they seem silly and likes to clown around, you might think something like “Monkey”. If the dog is more laid back and chill, you might think of “Droopy”. You might go by the color of their fur for a name like “Brownie”.

There are always the basic names like Bella, Lucy, Lucky, Fido, Angel, etc. Just remember that there are many dogs with these names so when you start calling your dog, you might get a couple more coming to you!! In the veterinary field, this can become confusing. I’ve worked when there were 3 Bellas and they were all the same breed of dog. We just called them by their last name!

“We’re all named Bella!!”

Hide-n-Seek by the Name Your Dog

There are fun ways for your dog to learn their name. At first, every time you say their name and they look at you, give them a treat. You can walk and call them over to you by saying their name cheerfully.

“Where did she go?”

Then you can start to play “hide and seek” with them. Have someone hide in your house (start off easy) as the other person is distracting the dog. Then the person with the dog can tell them to “go find” the person hiding. When they find you, give them treats and lots of lovings. Do this repeatedly and make it a little harder when they start to find you easy.

How Frankie and Chloe got their name

I had Frankie’s name already picked out before I met him. I knew I would find the right pug that would fit the name “Frankie”. When I seen my “Frankie”, I knew I had to have a middle name for him, which was “Butterball”. With Chloe, she was already named “Diamond”, so that would be her middle name, but we wanted to change her first name. We thought for a couple days after meeting her. I wanted to name her “Reeses”, but my husband didn’t like it. We started thinking about characters in shows that we watched. I was watching “Smallville” at the time and said “Chloe”. That was it!!!

I still do “hide and seek” with Chloe. Especially when she seems bored. I’ll walk out of the room casually, then go hide and call her name. It’s always funny listening to her trotting around and shoving her nose in doorway and snorting. Then when she does find me, I say “Yay” and give her lovings.

Frankie Butterball
Chloe Diamond

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