Bath Time: Who’s A Dirty Dog? Time to Clean

Does your dog stink or have mud on their fur?

Dogs need to have a bath just like humans to get off grime and filth. You wouldn’t want to live in a house where nobody showered!!

“I smell so good now! Don’t you love that smell?”

What’s the best option for your dog to get bathed?

You can bathe your dog by yourself at home, take them to a grooming salon, or hire a bathe/groomer to come to your house in their dog bathing van. Each of these are great choices. I personally give bathes to Chloe at home in my shower!

I’ve used a waterless shampoo for in between baths for Chloe to smell good!

Dog Bath at Home

Be sure to have everything ready and handy when you are going to start bathing. You don’t want a half watery/soapy dog running around your house! You can brush your dog before getting them wet to get rid of excess fur. (Don’t brush afterwards because that just causes the fur to pull and you may pull clumps of fur out by the roots!)

Water, Shampoo, Rinse, Dry

“Please hurry up, that’s really cold!!”
  • If you are doing this outside, a hose is good if the setting of the nozzle is on shower (you don’t want to irritate their skin if on a forceful setting.) Another thing is with a hose, you don’t get to change the temperature of the water so it’s going to be very cold.
  • Have something for the dog to stand on so they aren’t slipping and sliding around.
  • If you are doing this in your tub/shower, make sure the water is luke warm. If you have a little dog, you can do this in the sink. Don’t use hot water as this can scald the dog’s skin.
  • You’ll want to start apply water gently over their feet at first to get them used to the water. Then you can go up their legs to their torso. When you reach their neck, be careful not to get any water in their ears. This can lead to ear infections because water can get trapped around the eardrum. If you do get water in their ear, you can clean out their ears with dog ear cleaner to make sure no bad bacteria grows. (Here is my guide on cleaning ears.)
  • You can use a face cloth to wash off their face.

Dog Shampoo

  • Next is the dog shampoo. MAKE SURE TO USE ONLY USE SHAMPOO SAFE FOR DOGS. Human shampoos are too harsh for dog’s skin. Dog shampoo is formulated for their sensitive skin and fur. You’ll want to lather below the neck (making sure not to get any in their ears!) and down their bodies. When you get to the feet, make sure to suds up between the toes. This is where your dog’s “corn chip smell’ is coming from! I like to massage my dog as I’m doing this. It’s also a great way to check if there are any new lumps or bumps.

Rinse Off

  • Now the rinsing off!! Start at the neck and put water down their back to rinse the soap in a downward motion. Make sure your get all the soap off because it can dry and may irritate the skin. And make sure their face is clear of any shampoo.
  • After all the rinsing is done, it’s time to dry off. I like to towel dry my dog by rubbing the towel all over. (Chloe always loves this.) Pay attention to drying the feet as they hold a lot of water. Give their paws a slight squeeze to get the water out.
  • NOW GET READY FOR THE ZOOMIES!!! It’s the dog’s way of drying themselves off. They will probably want to rub on the furniture, flop around on the carpet, or go outside and roll around!

Do-It-Yourself Petwash

At many pet stores, they offer you a place where you can bring in your dog and use their special tubs along with shampoos, combs, towels, and dryer. This is a good medium choice if you don’t want to bathe your dog at home and don’t want to pay a lot for a groomer.

Pricing is usually a one set price for any dog. (I’ve done these many times with Chloe. It takes a lot of strain off your back and you don’t have to clean up your dog’s mess!)

Taking them to a Groomer

Taking your dog to the groomer can safe a lot of hassle on your part. (I know my back always hurts after bathing Chloe.) At the groomers, there are trained staff that know how to take care of your dog’s fur coat. They have special tubs and shampoos that they can use as well as special drying tools. (No more wet dog running through the house!) The dog is always on a leash inside and outside the tub. The staff know how to wash and rinse your dog’s coat and what kind of drying methods to use. (Short nosed dogs can’t have a heated dryer in their kennel because of probable overheating.) They have powerful dryers that get down to the skin to dry any coat. After they dry, they can brush out your dog’s fur to make it nice and silky.

Pricing with groomers vary because of services that they offer. They may also go by what kind of breed. A Saint Bernard would cost more than a medium short hair dog!

Groomer come to your house

Groomers are becoming more mobile and bring all their equipment to your house. They do all the bathing in their van/truck. It’s nice to not have to get your dog in your car to take them to their groomers. Plus, with all this pandemic stuff going on, it’s a better option if you don’t want to bathe your dog yourself. They do all the same things as they would if they were in a concrete building. Bathing tubs with leash holders, special shampoos, and dryers are all equipped in their van/truck.

Pricing with mobile groomers vary on location they have to travel and the size/breed of your dog. It’s a simple process and you can set up for the groomer to come to your house as often as you like.

Frankie and Chloe Bath Time

“Some of these are fart bubbles!!”

Frankie always loved to get bathed. We would bath him in our tub with a non-slip rug and he would just stand there, take in the nice water and rubs. Of coarse as soon as he was done, he would have after bath zoomies around the house and then poop! He would always excite himself of so much.

I’ve taken Chloe to DYI baths and she likes them until I use the blow dryer. It’s mainly the loud sound it makes. (I don’t blame her. It’s loud!) I’ve given her baths in our tub which makes for a back ache on my part. Plus we didn’t have a handheld shower facet so I used a cup. That took forever!! Tried giving her a bath outside when it was warm because I knew the water would be cold. She hated it. Even though I was sweating, she was trembling cold. So we wrapped her up in towels as I cooled off with the hose!!

Then we build our new shower that is huge so we both can get in, shut the door, and give her a bath. She really likes the new shower because we have a handheld facet that sprays gently and river rock to stand on so it feels natural on her feet.

Shower that we built by ourselves.

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