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“I Love You” Told By Your Dog With Gestures

5 Ways Your Dog Tells You “I Wuf You”

For anyone that has a dog in their life, they know what it’s like to have the unconditional love of their canine companion. Dogs show us their love though their undying loyalty and kindness, but it’s the funny things that they do that really make us feel special.

No two dogs are ever going to be the same, but there are certain things that almost all dogs do to show us the quirky ways of their love. Take a look at these 5 secret ways that dogs say “I love you”:

#1 Well, Good Morning to You, Too Love!

Dog licking human to wake up and tell them that they love them.

Every morning do you feel that wet nose rubbing against your face, nudging you awake? It may be to go outside or to fill up that food bowl for breakfast, but ultimately it’s because they love you oh-so-much and they just want you to be awake.

Me taking a picture while cuddling with Chloe in my bed.
One of the few times I’m awake before Chloe!

Frankie would always get in my face and sniff my hair to wake me up when I was still living at home. It was nice waking up to snorting in my face! But I had to be quick because usually he really had to poo!

Chloe will lick my nose up to my eyes when it’s time to wake up. Nothing like a slobbery kiss to wake you up!

#2 Not Freaking Out When You Leave The House

Dog laying nicely in their crate with the door open.

Whether your dog has free reign of the house or stays in their kennel when you go, if they don’t fight you when you walk out the door, it’s for one reason and one reason alone: They love you. And not only that, they know that you will be back. So go ahead and feel warm and fuzzy inside each time that happens.

Chloe sleeping in my bed not wanting to get up.
“Just remember to bring me back something!”

Chloe likes when we leave because she has her own room with a queen bed that she can look over the backyard and watch squirrels and birds. She loves to sunbathe when the sun is hitting just right. (We have a camera in her room so we can check on her!) She knows when we tell her to “Go To Bed”, she’ll get a treat and have the whole room to herself. She mostly just naps!

#3 Stalking You Love–As Best As A Dog Can

Dog peeking around the corner to watch their owner.

Dogs are not going to slink around the house stealthily the way in which a cat can–unless maybe there’s food involved–but when they sort of creep on you, the reason is simple: they just gotta be near their numero uno, because they wuv you.

Frankie hiding behind mamaw on the couch.
“Don’t tell mamaw that I’m up here.”

Frankie always had to know where mamaw was going around the house. He would be hot on her heels so he wouldn’t miss anything going on. My mom has tripped over him more than a dozen times because he’d always be right behind you trying to sneak.

Chloe has to know where I’m at all times. I can’t even get up to get a drink without her sneaking around the corner to see what I’m up to. She’s always trying to find where I’m at in the house if I’m not next to her. She loves to sit close to me wherever I’m at.

#4 Leaning On You for Love


This move is something that all dogs do–regardless of shape or size–and some dogs, like the Doberman, even have the running joke (they’re known as the “Doberlean” by owners). Dogs lean on you so that they can connect with you, literally channeling their love to you by touch. Pretty sweet, right?

It’s so wonderful that dogs put so much trust and love that they love to lean against you. I’ve had many dogs lean on me when I took them for a walk at the shelters. It’s really funny when a big dog like a great dane just starts to lean against you and you have to try to hold both of you up!

Chloe laying her chin on daddy while driving in the car. Daddy Love!!
“Could you tell these other humans to get out of our way?”

Chloe loves to lean her head on daddy when we are going somewhere. I know she wants to sit up front and cuddle! She really leans against you when you start to pet her and she begs for more by leaning harder against you, until she flops on the floor and does a “pet me” dance on her back!

#5 Love Bringing You Their Favorite Toy

Dog giving favorite toy to owner that they love.

Dogs are like kids sometimes, and like kids, they can have little phases of fun. But if you notice that your dog continually brings you their favorite toy of the moment, this means that they love you, respect you, and not only this, but look to you as their pack leader. And that my friend, should make you proud.

Chloe waiting patiently until I'm ready to give her a treat in her toy.
“I’ll wait until your out of the bathroom mommy.”

Chloe’s favorite toy is her “Blue Ball” that she loves to shove at you. All you have to ask her is, “Where’s your ball?” and she’ll go grab it. It’s especially funny when she doesn’t remember where she left it and gives a look like, “Where the heck did I put?”. Of course it’s a toy where you can put treats in, so she really loves it when we give her cookies in it.

How does your dog tell you that they love you? Any weird ways? Tell me in the comments!!

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