Dogs That Will Hit Your Funny Bone!

Funniest Doggo Posts To Get You Through The ‘Ruff’ Week

We all need something to strike our funny bone!

We work tirelessly all week and anxiously wait for the weekend to finally be able to relax and laugh. This isn’t just how you and I feel, our dogs feel the same. They watch us snoozing our alarm every morning, getting ready for work, rant about how our day went and finally go to bed so we can repeat the same process the next morning.

When it’s the weekend, our dogs know their favorite person is going to spend all their time with them. They get super excited and wag their tail real fast as an expression of happiness. Undoubtedly, we are absolutely contended to see our little pupper happy.

Dogs Are Goofy And Hit Our Funny Bones

Dogs are goofy for sure, but they know how to have a really good time and strike our funny bone. They make faces and their expressions are totally relatable. Although we do not know what our silly little doggo is thinking, we can tell by their expressions that they have been observing their surroundings very well.

Some people with a great sense of humor find creative ways to help others get through the week’s grind, by telling jokes and sharing memes. Since dogs are the most loved pet, people with a funny bone have turned their four-legged friend into memes and it’s a treat for all the dog loves.

Here are some funny dog memes that will help you get through your ruff week. Scroll down to laugh your a*s off.

Better be safe than sorry.

Dog with shield over face.
“Ain’t nobody gonna sneeze or cough on me!”

The face you make when you get a text from your crush.

Dog with squishy face.
“Hey, there. I was just waiting for your call.”

“Hey! That’s rude, but I don’t care.”

Dog looking at floor that owners spelled out Happy Birthday with dog kibble.
“Umm. I can’t read that. What does it say?”

The happiness on their faces is unmeasurable.

Two dogs running over a bridge with one dog carrying a big rope.
“Yay, you finally came home! Let’s play!!”

Whatever this dog is feeling, we can relate.

Yorkie dog sitting in the driver's side seat with it's fur all messed up.
“It’s too early and they just tell you to add coffee. I need more than that!”

Those eyes are so hypnotizing.

Golden Retriever looking closely at the camera lens.
“Hi. Having fun looking at cute dogs? Did you get your funny bone laughing?”

When you know you and your crush don’t stand a chance.

Huskies in two different tents.
“Should I go talk to her?”

Not sure how we feel about this one, but the dog seems pretty excited though.

Chihuahua in the bathroom with wide eyes while a person is sitting on the toilet. Funny bone
“I’m the poop-o-meter. It smells really poopie in here!”

The happiest news.

Dog kissing a dolphin from a dock. funny bone
“We go beyond stereotypes!”

*Sad reacts only.*

Dog laying in pool with it's head resting on the outside. funny bone
“If only I knew if I was a good dog. I know I’ve done some bad things when I was a pup.”

The truth has been revealed.

Dog laying around a cartoon illustration of person not sleeping in a good position.
“Move your a** over Meg!”

Dog is the most loyal friend one can ever have.

Dog with real sword in it's mouth as background guys cheer him on.

Such a pawerful pupper.

Bulldog puppy getting ready to lift some heavy weights at the gym. Funny bone
“Give me some encouragement guys. This is a record!”

Conceal it, don’t feel it. Don’t let anybody know.

Little dog looking happily suspicious.
“What kind of a dumb a** are you?”

Guess the dog mistook his owner for an imposter.

Dog flying into a person dressed up as Pikachu.

“Why!? Why me? What have I possibly done to have deserved such inconvenience? “

Dog typing at a computer in one pic and the next pic has their head on the desk.
“AArrrggg! It’s only been 5 minutes and I want to go home!”

Hmm… you’re a good person.

Little pug wanting affection.
“You have my total loyalty.”

A true dog mom at heart.

16 puppies in back of car.
“I might be over my head here!!”

Who am I?

Little dog with nightgown and head scarf on in bed.
“I’m feeling like all the days are running together. What day is today?”

I would have closed the door, but there was a ‘butt’.

Beagle sitting in between a sliding glass door.
“I can’t help it that my booty gets cold.”

Good old times.

Little dog sleeping with mouth open and tongue out.
“I’ll just add some snoring and drool to top it off.”

She was probably too drunk.

Little leaning over toilet as a person is hold back their ears pretending to be vomiting.
“Why did you let me eat soooo many snacks!”

It’s a fair deal though.

Puppy with food bowl in it's mouth.

This good boy is sending the message of love.

Little puppy that has a heart shape in it's fur on top of it's head.
“Why do I look like a guinea pig in my picture?”

We can see the whole universe in her eyes.

Dog with big brown puppy eyes that are begging for attention.
“My super power is puppy eyes. I always get what I want!”

“Ain’t nobody messes with the pup! Woof!!”

Funny bone of dog trying to play fetch.

Living the best life.

Chihuahua in a robe and slippers with popcorn on the couch.
“What? It’s not like you got anything done either!”

Human, take notes.

Two dogs looking at the camera.
“Some humans won’t learn!”

And it was delicious.

Two golden retrievers laughing.
“How do you come up with these?”

Let’s spread happiness.

Bulldog with 3 pug puppies.
“See, you have to make your lips curl up with your tongue sticking out. Like this.”

That face is our favorite.

Dog smiling as a human pet them.
“How about we stay like this forever.”

The dog ain’t even sorry.

Dog getting shamed for stealing food.
“If it’s out and not protected, I’m going to get it!”

That delightful face though!

Puppy shopping in a pet store.
“I love shopping with you because you buy me everything I want!”

It is not you, it’s your inner demon.

Dog looking into mirror.
“Why do I take my anger out on my bed? It’s done nothing wrong.”

“Keep talking hooman, keep talking.”

Corgi listening to it's human stories.
“I love listening to your stories when I came home to you.”

Tired but hungry.

German shepard puppy falling asleep in it's kibble.
“Just a nibble before I go to sleep. ZZZZzzzz.”

And also some good boy pats.

Little dog at vet office looking at what the doctor is putting into the computer. funny bone
“I think that should say that I deserve more human food, not dog food.”

Wow! What an incredible transformation.

Bull terrier that was overweight in one pic and looking good in the next by losing weight. funny bone
“I went from Chunk to Hunk!”

Scars on the heart can never be concealed with makeup.

Chihuahua looking into a makeup compact mirror. funny bone
“Why do I always put up with my owners’ sh*t?”

“Hey friend, you can do it too. All you need is a lot of practice.”

Dog getting shamed because they bark and fart at the same time. funny bone

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