Dogs in Blankets Being Warm and Cozy

Get Someone To Look At You The Way These Dogs in Blankets Look

Sure, you may love that cozy feel of a soft blanket, but these pups love it more. Here is a compilation of dogs in blankets!

1. “There are cozy goals and then there are ~COZY GOALS~”

2. “Snoopy has done this since day 1 too

Image Credit: @JenniferDohert4 via Twitter

3. “Duke finds this relatable as heck !!”

Image Credit: @_P0sthuman via Twitter

4. “[Same] But I’ve never caught him with the camera, doing it! #beagle”

Image Credit: @MichaelGShryane via Twitter

5. “Our beagle does this too! They know exactly how to manipulate blankets and pillows for ultimate comfort!

Image Credit: @HayleyBCooper via Twitter

6. “My weenie dog Baxter does this same thing He thinks anything made of cloth is his blankie.”

Image Credit: @jaffobsession via Twitter

7. “My niece thought it was odd when she came home and found that after I tucked the kids in I tucked Maggie & Lulu in under the Christmas tree. I am now the dogs favorite aunt.

Image Credit: @IrishPatty54 via Twitter

8. “My pup loves to sleep this way. But insists we do it for her.”

Image Credit: @Dr_Koraly via Twitter

9. “Eddy’s got it down too”

Image Credit: @Stu_FX via Twitter

10. “Barkis didn’t even know it was a thing.

“At last we will reveal ourselves to the jedi … “Image Credit: @susanwiggs via Twitter

11. “My Jasper does [it] too!”

Image Credit: @LeStripe via Twitter

12. “Here’s Rudy , waking up this morning.”

Image Credit: @dreamrose59 via Twitter

13. “Can confirm this is Big Beagle Energy.”

Image Credit: @nicolemhill via Twitter

14. “My good beagle is also a covers enthusiast”

Image Credit: @DicconHyatt via Twitter

15. “My boy Kai does this crazy thing with his bed. He tosses it over himself and gets a toy or a snack.

Image Credit: @j_pineo via Twitter

16. “McDuff loves to snuggle in a blanket too”

Image Credit: @Gina18306341 via Twitter

17. “She’s not talented to pull her own blankets up on her, but she does love fluffing her nest up lol”

Image Credit: @madshaw via Twitter

18. “Here’s one of our ‘golden oldies’ snuggling in a recently donated blanket to keep warm & cosy away from the horrid monsoon rains that are flooding our hospital & sanctuary in India!”

Image Credit: @TOLFAcharity via Twitter

19. “My #Gizzy steals my spot in the morning when I have to get up for work She goes right in my warm spot, gets under the covers & puts her head on my pillow #SpoiledRottenLittleGirl”

Image Credit: @MichelleDelNigr via Twitter

20. “Daisy always likes to be Uber something”

Image Credit: @StuCol101 via Twitter

21. “Ricky my Rat Terrier prefers the electric mattress pad underneath it all.”

Image Credit: @6310865 via Twitter

22. “Here’s my BoBo”

23. Frankie and Chloe love being under a blanket!

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