Laugh With These Funny Dogs and Their Shenanigans

Come relax and laugh at this compilation of dogs.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than to laugh at dogs and what kind of mischief they get into.

Comic of human trying to say sit to dog, but human has mask on so the dog thinks the human said shit.

Laugh with this comic of the best dog.
All dogs are the best! Laugh with your best friend!

Laugh at this pug that really wants his broccoli.

Laugh at this dog that is clearly tired and just crashes on the bed.
“I’m just going to crash here!!”

Laugh at Pugs on a boat party.
I had a dream last night that I was going on a cruise for people and dogs!!

Comic of life with a dog makes you happier and want to laugh.
Dogs make us feel happy and make us remember what is important in life.
Laugh at this Pug pondering if he's a good boy.

Laugh at this Smiling dog with cat forcing smile.
When you’re trying to find camera mode on your phone

My goofy Chloe with a Snapchat filter. I laugh so hard every time I see this.
Who’s a goofy girl?? Miss Chloe is!!

There will always be happiness when there is a dog around.”

Erin Stickrod

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