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Top 10 Small Dogs for Older Human

Are you wondering if you're too old to own a dog? Here are the top 10 little dogs that are great for older humans. Go get a squishy face!!

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Night Time: Can Dogs See in the Dark?

Do you know if dogs can see at night? Find out if they can. Also, why do their eyes look reflective in pictures?!

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What Causes ‘Gas’ in Dogs

Have you noticed your dog has gas? Is your dog farting more than often. Find out the possibilities for dog gas and what to do.

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Walking in the Rain With Your Dog

Does your dog like the rain? Some dogs love it and others detest it. Learn how to walk with your dog in the rain.

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Puppy Potty Training At Night

Should you wake your puppy at night to go potty? Puppies can't hold their bladder as long. Find out how to puppy potty train at night.

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26 Helpful “Dog Chart” That Owners Should Have Around

Here are multiple dog chart informational guides to help with your dog. Easy charts that you can print and have around for guidance.

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Dog Proofing Your House and Yard

Keeping your dog safe is a big priority. Dog proofing your house and yard can help alleviate potential hazards from your dog.

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40 Pics of Stretchy Dog Skin Cuteness

Dogs are so forgiving when we make them do foolish things. Have you ever stretched a dog's skin to make them look funny?

woman in stylish outfit training shiba inu
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How to Communicate With Your Dog

Do you know how to communicate with your dog correctly? Do they sometimes give you a head tilt like they don't know what you're saying?

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Paws: Is Your Dog Left Or Right Pawed?

Do you know if your dog uses their right or left paws more? Here is a quick game that will tell you if they prefer one paw or both.

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Dog Bites: How You Can Prevent Getting Bitten

Dog bites can happen when we don't understand to watch and listen to the dog and their body posture. Many dog bites can be prevented!

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Zoomies: Why Does a Dog Run Around Crazily?

Does your dog run around with a crazy look? You might be witnessing "dog zoomies". Dogs with pent up energy do zoomies to rid extra energy.

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Make Dog Treats Yourself For Your Best Friend

Making DIY dog treats for your dog is a great way to know what ingredients your dog is eating. Here are 3 simple recipes for dog lovers!


Dog Owner Share Their Naughty Dogs

Being a dog owner, you know that dogs love to get into some mischievous adventures! Here's a collection of dogs that got caught!

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How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Pain And What To Do To Help

How do you know that your dog is in pain? Here are 6 signs to look for if you think your dog may be in pain.

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Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

Valentine's Day is not only for humans, get your pup something that shows you love them too! Pup can't have human food, so here's some ideas!

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Dog Eye Tears And What They Mean

Do dogs cry tears? Have you noticed your dog having watery eyes. There may be a cause for it.

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Dog Poop: What Your Dog’s Poop Is Telling You

All about dog poop! What is your dog's poop telling you? There are many reasons for different types of dog poop. Get the scoop!!

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Stinky Dog Farts: Causes And Prevention Tips

Who do you blame when your dog has STINKY DOG FARTS!!! Is it natural for dogs to fart horrible smells? Maybe there's something causing it.

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Winter Time! Taking Care of Your Dog in the Cold

Does your dog like to play in the snow? Learn how to make sure they don't get frostbite or hyperthermia. Keep your pets safe this winter.

woman in stylish outfit training shiba inu
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I Hope You’re Having Fun (Biscuit on Nose)

Training a dog to hold a biscuit on their nose is a great training exercise for patience and motivation. The dog may not like waiting though!

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Why Do Dogs Chase Squirrels? National Squirrel Day!

Why do dogs love to chase squirrels so much? What is behind the drive that makes them want to chase? Find out how to curb this behavior.

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How To Stop A Dog From Digging

How do you stop your dog from digging and ruining your garden? You should find out why they are digging. They're not trying to annoy you!

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I Am Dog, Hear My Growl

Dog poem about dog stomach starting to growl. Having a dog, you will encounter messes from now and then. Be sure to be prepared!

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Dog Clothes: Should Dogs Wear Clothes? National Dress-up Your Dog Day

Finding the right type of clothes for your dog. What are the purposes for dogs with clothes? Find out what your dog should wear.

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Dogs and Cats Can Get Along With Proper Introductions

Dogs and cats can get along with each other if you introduce them slowly. Find out how to keep them both calm and happy with each other.

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Counter Surfing: Catching Your Dog in the Act

Does your dog like counter surfing for food? Want to know how to catch them in the act and train them not to jump on counters? Start training!

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Pet Insurance: What to Pick For Your Pet

Finding pet insurance can be a daunting task. Here is a list of the top 10 insurance companies and what they offer. I recommend doing it!

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Fitness Trackers For Dogs to Start the New Year

Do you know how much activity your dog gets? Try out fitness trackers made for dogs! See how active they are and find them when they get lost.

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Clicker Training Is An Easy Teaching Method

Clicker Training is a great way to teach dogs faster. Clicking is better at marking the correct behavior you want. Let's get clicking!

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Crate Training Your Dog Is Beneficial

Crate training is very important. Crates are great areas where your dog can relax and sleep. No more messes when you're not looking!


Life With Dogs That Are Funny Can Be Interesting

Life with a funny dog can be very comical. Dogs always seem to do crazy funny things for us humans. They love seeing us laughing with them!

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How To Stop Possessive With Food

Is your dog guarding their food or toys? Dogs can become possessive over these because an underlying cause. Teach your pup to trust you.

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Breeder Contract? What You Need to Know

When getting a puppy from a breeder, they might have you sign a "breeder contract". What really are "breeder contracts"? Here's the inside!

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Barking Dogs Shouldn’t Become a Problem

Is your dog barking more and becoming unpleasant? There is training and using training tools to help you for your dog to become more quiet.

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Celebrate 8 Important Dog Milestones

We should be celebrating more holidays and milestones with our dogs. Which milestones should you celebrate with your dog?


Dogs That Will Hit Your Funny Bone!

We all need something to take our mind off of the world. I give you these dogs that will strike your funny bone! Dogs always make us laugh!

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Vaccines For Dogs: Why Should You Vaccinate?

What are the puppies vaccines and what do they protect from? Make sure to vaccinate your pup to defend against deathly diseases.


Naughty Dogs With Their Shenanigans!

These hilarious dogs have found ways to get into trouble! I think these pups are going to be on the naughty list!


What Are The Best Puppy Toys For Chewing

Finding the right toys for your puppy shouldn't be difficult. Here are some of the best chew toys for puppies. Plus Frankie and Chloe's opinion.

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Dog Relationship With Their Humans

Having a special relationship with your dog is a great joy. Understand how dogs respond to humans and training with positive reinforcement.

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Marrow Bone: Dangerous For Your Dog?

Every dog likes to chew on a marrow bone, but what are the dangers? They can get stuck on your dog's lower jaw and won't come off!


Dogs in Blankets Being Warm and Cozy

Dogs are so cute when they are wrapped up in blankets. Many dogs like to be tucked in when they nap. Do you have a dog that likes blankets?

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Dog Game Night With The Family

Next time you have game night, how about doing Dog Game Night? Include your dog with having fun with the family and learning new commands.

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Dog Sleep: “Go to Sleep Little Puppy”

How to get your pup to sleep through the whole night. Reasons that they bark and whine during the night.

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Dog in Apartment Potty Training: Let’s See How

Do you want a dog, but live in a apartment? You can potty train your dog in apartment living. Find out ways to make potty training easy.


Puppy for Christmas: Are You Wanting To Get A Puppy?

Getting a puppy for Christmas sounds like a good idea! Or is it? Should you get a puppy for Christmas or wait until after Christmas?

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Did Your Puppy Come From A Puppy Mill?

Make sure the puppy you are getting didn't come from a puppy mill. Learn how to spot a puppy mill puppy with these 10 signs.

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10 Funny Dog Breeds In The World!

What are the funny dog breeds? Find out the funny characteristics of these dogs and how to take care of them. You might find a new breed!

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Positive Reinforcement When Your Dog Doesn’t like Treats

What to do when your dog doesn't like treats for training. Use positive reinforcement with other items such as toys and petting.

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Military Dogs: 10 Things You May Not Know

Find out what military dogs go through in saving soldiers. See how they have been helping military in the past and present.


Dog Noises: 7 Strange Noises Dogs Make

Does your dog make weird noises? Find out why and what they are trying to communicate to you. See videos that demonstrate different noises!

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Lick Granulomas: 5 Things About Your Dog Licking

Notice your dog is licking obsessively in one spot. Find out if it could be signs of lick granulomas and what you can do to treat it.

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How Puppies View the World

Did you just get a puppy? Learn how to train your puppy by looking through the puppies view on the world. It's a lot different.

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Chewing Shoes Is My Dogs Pastime

Why in the world do dogs love smelling and chewing shoes? Well it might have to do with where we go or boredom of nothing to chew.

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Bite from A Dog to Another Dog: What to Do

Having your dog get a bite from another dog is a scary situation. Here are steps to make sure your dog won't run into complications.

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Carrot: Is It Alright to Give Them to Your Dog?

Are carrots alright for your dog to eat? Find out what a carrot can do for your dog. You might find out a new treat to give your dog!


Dogs Bow: Why Do They Do It To Other Dogs

Ever wonder why dogs bow when they are wanting play? There are reasons that they bow to other dogs and you.

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Potty Train in One Spot For Your Dog

Potty training your dog to go potty in one spot that you pick. Understand when your dog has 'to go' and teaching them to potty where you want.

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Bad Leash Behavior Dogs With Distractions

Does your dog get mad when they are on a leash and see something they want so they bark and pull you?

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Dog Sleep Position Tell About Them

What does dog sleep position tell about how they sleep? Notice how your dog sleeps. Find out what position means when your dog is sleeping.

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Pennies Are Bad For Dogs to Ingest

Pennies are very harmful for dogs to ingest. It can lead to zinc toxicity. Find out how to prevent your dog from eating pennies.

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Guilty Look From Dogs. Is It Really Guilt?

Everyone has seen the guilty look from dogs. But is it really guilt? Why do dogs give us guilty looks when they're bad? Find out why.

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Stinky Dog Farts: Causes And Prevention Tips

Who do you blame when your dog has STINKY DOG FARTS!!! Is it natural for dogs to fart horrible smells? Maybe there's something causing it.

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10 Bad Human Food You Should Never Feed Your Dog

We all like to give our dogs a little piece of our food. But what are the bad human food that dogs shouldn't eat. Are they in reach of a dog?

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“I Love You” Told By Your Dog With Gestures

Dogs tell us humans I love you with different gestures. There a couple ways to tell if your dog is telling you, I Love You!


Camping With Dogs – Pack a Dog Backpack

Want to go camping with your dog? There are a couple things to think about when camping with dogs. Make sure you mark off this list!


Pet Sitter : Where to Find the Best

When you want to go on vacation, but need to find a pet sitter to look after your precious dog. Here is how to find a great sitter that you and your dog will like.

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Bored Dogs? Use Mental Stimulation

Are your dogs bored and laying around the house? Here are some ways to help your dogs with mental stimulation to keep them busy.


Training Sit on Command to Your Dog

Training your dog to 'sit' is very easy and is one of the top commands for dogs. All you need is your dog and treats for training.


Foster A Dog! Open Your Home and Heart

Shelters and rescues need foster families everywhere. Ever wonder what it takes to be a foster to a dog? Just open your heart and home.


Dog Bed for “Dog Only” Sleeping and Napping

Find the right kind of bed for your dog. Your dog will thank you for having a bed all to themselves. It's nice to see them sleeping nicely.

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Candy That’s Most/Least Dangerous for Dogs

Dogs should not have chocolate or candy ever. Keep all candy and chocolate up and away from where your dog can reach.

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Dog Snore: Does Your Dog Snore While Asleep?

Does your dog snore while they sleep? There could be a reason that they snore so much. Snoring can be a health issue.

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Name Your Dog: What’s In A Name?

Giving your dog a name is something that makes them feel like family. Naming your dog will have your dog responding when you call them.

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Dog Weight: Who’s A Little Chunky With Rolls?

Seeing a chubby dog that weighs a lot is not a healthy look. Find out if your dog is in the right weight catagory for their breed.

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Bath Time: Who’s A Dirty Dog? Time to Clean

Giving your dog a bath should be a routine practice. There are different ways for your dog to get a bath. Find how and where to go.

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Fleas & Ticks: Who’s Feeling a Little “Itchy”

Is your dog scratching a lot? Have you noticed little bugs around your house? It could be fleas and ticks biting your dog.


Pit Bull Awareness Month of October

Pit bull awareness should be more than just one month of the year. But, Pit bulls get all of October to show how great they reall are.

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Dog Nails Care:”Pawdicures” How to Trim Nails

Cutting dog nails should be an easy job. Some dogs don't like having their nails touched. There are tricks to make it more enjoyable.


Boarding and Daycare for Dogs While You’re Away

Would your dog like to play with other dogs or stay the night in a dog hotel when you can't be with them?


Dog Safety: Is Your Dog Friendly or Not

Do you walk your dog when you notice another dog that is clearly not friendly. You should use dog safety practices to keep your distance.

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Adopt a Dog From a Shelter, A Second Chance

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you are giving that dog a second chance of a better life. Many dogs are waiting to be adopted.


Rainbow Bridge: It’s So Hard to Say “Good-bye”

Saying good-bye to your dog as they go over the rainbow bridge is one of the hardest things to go through.


Dog Leash: Being Attached to Your Dog

Leashes are not just for looks, a dog's leash has purpose. There are many leashes for training, jogging, hiking, and just casual walking.


Dog Collars: Necklaces and Training Collars

Looking for dog collars can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for training collars or just a collar to put your dog's tags on.

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Dog Ears and “Howl” to clean them

Cleaning your dog's ears should be routinely done. Ever hear of ear hemotomas? It's when your dog shakes hard and bursts blood vessels.

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New Puppy: Bringing Them Home

Bringing your new puppy home is exciting. But what should you do before and after you bring your puppy home? Find out how to prepare!


Car Rides With Dogs as Passengers

We all love taking our dogs on car rides. But do you know how to keep your pup safe in the car? Dogs shouldn't be loose in truck beds either!

portrait of a smiling young woman with dog
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Kids and Dog Manners When Together

Kids and dog should know how to play with each other and know boundaries when it's not safe. Supervision is #1 with kids and dogs together.

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Young Kids and Dogs Together in Peace

Adults should always supervise young kids and dogs when together. Accidents can happen very quickly with dogs and young kids.


Aging Dog: When Your Pup Turns Grey

It's a bummer that our pups can't stay young forever. Learn the signs of aging in dogs and how to keep them healthy until the end.


“Puppy Mill” the REAL Scoop of What They Are

When you hear "puppy mill", what do you think? Find out how bad breeders do their "business". Learn the real information people don't see.

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Microchip: No, not the edible kind of chips!

Microchipping your dog can be a life saver. It gives your name and phone number if your dog gets lost.


“Happy Tail” in Dogs and How to Treat

Why do dogs get "Happy Tail"? Ever notice if your dog's long tail keeps hitting things and starts to bleed? Find out how to help their tails.


Smoke Still in the Air

West Coast Still Has Smoke from Wildfires in the Air Yes, there are still smoke and irritants hovering over the West Coast in Washington, Oregon, and California. The air quality has still been from very unhealthy to hazardous. When air quality reaches 151-200, it is considered unhealthy (for both humans and pets). This is when… Continue reading Smoke Still in the Air

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Short Nose Faced Dogs (Brachycephalic Dogs)

Every wonder why your short nose faced dog has trouble breathing? Find out why and how you can help them with their short noses.

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Funny Dogs Being Their Selves

Dogs make us laugh and feel better when we are down.


How to Greet and Say “Hi” to Dogs

What is the proper way to greet a dog on the streets? Ask the owners permission of coarse!!


COVID Veterinary Visit Procedures

Here is what to expect when you arrive at your veterinary clinic while COVID procedures are still in place.

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Dog Parks: To go or Not to go, That is the question

Going to dog parks with your dog should be a fun outing. But some dogs would rather not socialize. How to know your dog is ready.


Body Language: What is You Dog Telling You?

Dog's body language gives us an understanding of what they are trying to tell us. Dogs have many different body language to look for.

cute dog in medical clothes with stethoscope
Dog Poetry

Dog Poem About The Cone Of Shame

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking when they have on the "Cone of Shame"? I present a poem doing just that!

swan on lake against mountain
Dog Poetry

Poem About How Dogs Meditate

Some dogs like to take a break from everyday life and go back to think about what makes them happy. Usually in a field or open space.

calm dog sitting on floor at home
Dog Poetry

Poem About Dogs Judging Humans

Did you know that you're dog may be judging you? What are dog's thinking when they are judging humans? This poem explains dogs are better.

white and black short coated bulldog
Dog Poetry

Poem of Dogs’ Squishy Jowls

Do you like to squish a dog's jowl and kiss them? Most dogs know that their jowls are the best feature of them!

shetland sheepdog sitting on fence
Dog Poetry

Poem About Dogs Protecting Their Yard

Ever wonder why dogs bark at others dogs when they come into their yard. Here is a funny poem of a dog wanting other dogs to stay away.

dog sitting on ground under blue starry sky
Dog Poetry

Poem About Taking Your Dog Potty At Night

Cute poem about dogs going out to potty at night. What are dogs thinking about when they go out at night?

closeup photo of black and white dog
Dog Poetry, Funny

When They Just Want Scratches

A poem about when dogs just want some scratches instead of a walk.