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Dog Relationship With Their Humans

Great Relationship: Understanding Dog Behavior

If you own, or are thinking about owning a dog there are some things you will need to know about Dog Behavior. You are going to have a great relationship in the future when you understand your dog.

Frankie and Mommy laying on the floor with Frankie laying on mommy's back.
“Mommy is the best place to lay on!”


Most experts recommend some kind of formal training. Your dog is still an animal at heart! In order for you to have the best relationship possible you will need to not only understand how your furry friend views what goes on in your house. Also look into what causes some of the responses in your dog. What kind of toys and games do they like to play?

Chloe on a pink yoga mat inside my house.
“Mom, I don’t know how to do yoga.”


Dogs are still wild animals. Many dog owners and enthusiasts have been said to project human emotions onto their pets. Nobody argues that dogs experience the world differently to what we do. Experts know that dogs have their own range of canine responses to situations that we cannot fully understand yet. We all know when they give us guilty looks, but what are they really saying to us?

Frankie and Chloe sitting on my couch posing for the camera.
Chloe: “Mom, are you done with pictures? I’m hungry.” Frankie: “Yeah Mom. I want to do something fun.”


Most people are concerned about aggression and biting. And rightfully so, there are far too many stories about dogs who have been pushed over the edge. Nobody wants their children or loved ones to be injured by their dogs.

It is very important to understand dog behavior and their body language. Dogs always give a warning before they go for the strike and bite.

When you are trying to understand dog Behavior it’s useful to remember that your cuddly bundle is descended from wolves and sometimes these responses are instincts.

steps of a dog bite

Kid Relationship With Dogs

If you have children in the house you will need to take some care to avoid becoming one of the almost five million Americans being bitten annually. While the majority of these dogs bite people who threaten them, or their owners. Teaching your children to respect other dogs will make a big difference. Supervision is one of the most important thing to remember with kids and dogs together.

Bringing New Dog Home

If you are thinking about bringing a new dog into the house then you will also need to establish a hierarchy. You are the pack leader and the dog must never be in doubt about who is in charge. Don’t just let them have run of the house as soon as they arrive. Slowly introduce the house and what they are able and not able to do.

person in brown cable knife sweater holding white and black puppy


Socializing your puppy well will also ensure a smooth relationship. Get your dog used to remaining composed in stressful situations. Just make sure your dog is vaccinated first!

Going to puppy training classes are a great way to introduce puppies. Once they get a little older, going to dog parks could be a good socializing place. Just remember to always supervise them!

There are also doggie daycares where they can play with other dogs while being supervised by trained staff.

Reward your puppy for good behavior. Professionals who work with dogs often use positive reinforcement to speed up the process. If your puppy grows up with the children you are far more likely to have an easier time.

Dogs in a dog daycare with toys and slides to climb.

Call In An Expert

If you have adopted an adult dog or your dog has picked up some problem behaviors then you might need to call in some help. Dog behaviorists have a proven track record with correcting problem behaviors in dogs. Check that they are licensed or belong to some kind of association. Also be sure to ask what kinds of methods they use to correct the behavior.

Rather correct the behavior before someone gets hurt and prevent tragedy before it occurs.

Try to encourage a loving but respectful relationship between your dog and the children. Most dogs don’t take kindly to having their tails tugged while eating!

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