Dog Leash: Being Attached to Your Dog

Leashes are not just for looks, a dog’s leash has purpose. There are many leashes for training, jogging, hiking, and just casual walking.

Dog Collars: Necklaces and Training Collars

Looking for dog collars can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for training collars or just a collar to put your dog’s tags on.

New Puppy: Bringing Them Home

Bringing your new puppy home is exciting. But what should you do before and after you bring your puppy home? Find out how to prepare!

Kids and Dog Manners When Together

Kids and dog should know how to play with each other and know boundaries when it’s not safe. Supervision is #1 with kids and dogs together.

Dog Parks: To go or Not to go, That is the question

Going to dog parks with your dog should be a fun outing. But some dogs would rather not socialize. How to know your dog is ready.

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