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Dogs and Cats Can Get Along With Proper Introductions

Dogs and cats can get along with each other if you introduce them slowly. Find out how to keep them both calm and happy with each other.

white and black english bulldog stands in front of crackers on bowl at daytime

Counter Surfing: Catching Your Dog in the Act

Does your dog like counter surfing for food? Want to know how to catch them in the act and train them not to jump on counters? Start training!

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Clicker Training Is An Easy Teaching Method

Clicker Training is a great way to teach dogs faster. Clicking is better at marking the correct behavior you want. Let's get clicking!

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Crate Training Your Dog Is Beneficial

Crate training is very important. Crates are great areas where your dog can relax and sleep. No more messes when you're not looking!

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How To Stop Possessive With Food

Is your dog guarding their food or toys? Dogs can become possessive over these because an underlying cause. Teach your pup to trust you.

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Barking Dogs Shouldn’t Become a Problem

Is your dog barking more and becoming unpleasant? There is training and using training tools to help you for your dog to become more quiet.

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Dog Game Night With The Family

Next time you have game night, how about doing Dog Game Night? Include your dog with having fun with the family and learning new commands.

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Dog Sleep: “Go to Sleep Little Puppy”

How to get your pup to sleep through the whole night. Reasons that they bark and whine during the night.

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Dog in Apartment Potty Training: Let’s See How

Do you want a dog, but live in a apartment? You can potty train your dog in apartment living. Find out ways to make potty training easy.

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Positive Reinforcement When Your Dog Doesn’t like Treats

What to do when your dog doesn't like treats for training. Use positive reinforcement with other items such as toys and petting.