Dog Game Night With The Family

Next time you have game night, how about doing Dog Game Night? Include your dog with having fun with the family and learning new commands.

Dog Sleep: “Go to Sleep Little Puppy”

How to get your pup to sleep through the whole night. Reasons that they bark and whine during the night.

Dog in Apartment Potty Training: Let’s See How

Do you want a dog, but live in a apartment? You can potty train your dog in apartment living. Find out ways to make potty training easy.

Positive Reinforcement When Your Dog Doesn’t like Treats

What to do when your dog doesn’t like treats for training. Use positive reinforcement with other items such as toys and petting.

Potty Train in One Spot For Your Dog

Potty training your dog to go potty in one spot that you pick. Understand when your dog has ‘to go’ and teaching them to potty where you want.

Bad Leash Behavior Dogs With Distractions

Does your dog get mad when they are on a leash and see something they want so they bark and pull you?

Bored Dogs? Use Mental Stimulation

Are your dogs bored and laying around the house? Here are some ways to help your dogs with mental stimulation to keep them busy.

Training Sit on Command to Your Dog

Training your dog to ‘sit’ is very easy and is one of the top commands for dogs. All you need is your dog and treats for training.

Name Your Dog: What’s In A Name?

Giving your dog a name is something that makes them feel like family. Naming your dog will have your dog responding when you call them.

Adopt a Dog From a Shelter, A Second Chance

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you are giving that dog a second chance of a better life. Many dogs are waiting to be adopted.

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