How to Communicate With Your Dog

Do you know how to communicate with your dog correctly? Do they sometimes give you a head tilt like they don’t know what you’re saying?

Paws: Is Your Dog Left Or Right Pawed?

Do you know if your dog uses their right or left paws more? Here is a quick game that will tell you if they prefer one paw or both.

Zoomies: Why Does a Dog Run Around Crazily?

Does your dog run around with a crazy look? You might be witnessing “dog zoomies”. Dogs with pent up energy do zoomies to rid extra energy.

Whose Ball This Is I Think I Know (Playing Fetch)

Playing fetch with your dog can get rid of a lot of pent up energy. Find out how to train your dog to fetch and bring the toy back to you.

I Hope You’re Having Fun (Biscuit on Nose)

Training a dog to hold a biscuit on their nose is a great training exercise for patience and motivation. The dog may not like waiting though!

Why Do Dogs Chase Squirrels? National Squirrel Day!

Why do dogs love to chase squirrels so much? What is behind the drive that makes them want to chase? Find out how to curb this behavior.

How To Stop A Dog From Digging

How do you stop your dog from digging and ruining your garden? You should find out why they are digging. They’re not trying to annoy you!

Dogs and Cats Can Get Along With Proper Introductions

Dogs and cats can get along with each other if you introduce them slowly. Find out how to keep them both calm and happy with each other.

Counter Surfing: Catching Your Dog in the Act

Does your dog like counter surfing for food? Want to know how to catch them in the act and train them not to jump on counters? Start training!

Clicker Training Is An Easy Teaching Method

Clicker Training is a great way to teach dogs faster. Clicking is better at marking the correct behavior you want. Let’s get clicking!

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