Young Kids and Dogs Together in Peace

Adults should always supervise young kids and dogs when together. Accidents can happen very quickly with dogs and young kids.

“Puppy Mill” the REAL Scoop of What They Are

When you hear “puppy mill”, what do you think? Find out how bad breeders do their “business”. Learn the real information people don’t see.

Microchip: No, not the edible kind of chips!

Microchipping your dog can be a life saver. It gives your name and phone number if your dog gets lost.

Short Nose Faced Dogs (Brachycephalic Dogs)

Every wonder why your short nose faced dog has trouble breathing? Find out why and how you can help them with their short noses.

Funny Dogs Being Their Selves

Dogs make us laugh and feel better when we are down.

How to Greet and Say “Hi” to Dogs

What is the proper way to greet a dog on the streets? Ask the owners permission of coarse!!

COVID Veterinary Visit Procedures

Here is what to expect when you arrive at your veterinary clinic while COVID procedures are still in place.

Dog Parks: To go or Not to go, That is the question

Going to dog parks with your dog should be a fun outing. But some dogs would rather not socialize. How to know your dog is ready.

Body Language: What is You Dog Telling You?

Dog’s body language gives us an understanding of what they are trying to tell us. Dogs have many different body language to look for.

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