Breeder Contract? What You Need to Know

When getting a puppy from a breeder, they might have you sign a “breeder contract”. What really are “breeder contracts”? Here’s the inside!

Barking Dogs Shouldn’t Become a Problem

Is your dog barking more and becoming unpleasant? There is training and using training tools to help you for your dog to become more quiet.

Celebrate 8 Important Dog Milestones

We should be celebrating more holidays and milestones with our dogs. Which milestones should you celebrate with your dog?

Vaccines For Dogs: Why Should You Vaccinate?

What are the puppies vaccines and what do they protect from? Make sure to vaccinate your pup to defend against deathly diseases.

What Are The Best Puppy Toys For Chewing

Finding the right toys for your puppy shouldn’t be difficult. Here are some of the best chew toys for puppies. Plus Frankie and Chloe’s opinion.

Dog Relationship With Their Humans

Having a special relationship with your dog is a great joy. Understand how dogs respond to humans and training with positive reinforcement.

Marrow Bone: Dangerous For Your Dog?

Every dog likes to chew on a marrow bone, but what are the dangers? They can get stuck on your dog’s lower jaw and won’t come off!

Dog Game Night With The Family

Next time you have game night, how about doing Dog Game Night? Include your dog with having fun with the family and learning new commands.

Dog Sleep: “Go to Sleep Little Puppy”

How to get your pup to sleep through the whole night. Reasons that they bark and whine during the night.

Dog in Apartment Potty Training: Let’s See How

Do you want a dog, but live in a apartment? You can potty train your dog in apartment living. Find out ways to make potty training easy.

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