Dog Relationship With Their Humans

Having a special relationship with your dog is a great joy. Understand how dogs respond to humans and training with positive reinforcement.

Marrow Bone: Dangerous For Your Dog?

Every dog likes to chew on a marrow bone, but what are the dangers? They can get stuck on your dog’s lower jaw and won’t come off!

Dog Game Night With The Family

Next time you have game night, how about doing Dog Game Night? Include your dog with having fun with the family and learning new commands.

Dog Sleep: “Go to Sleep Little Puppy”

How to get your pup to sleep through the whole night. Reasons that they bark and whine during the night.

Dog in Apartment Potty Training: Let’s See How

Do you want a dog, but live in a apartment? You can potty train your dog in apartment living. Find out ways to make potty training easy.

Puppy for Christmas: Are You Wanting To Get A Puppy?

Getting a puppy for Christmas sounds like a good idea! Or is it? Should you get a puppy for Christmas or wait until after Christmas?

Did Your Puppy Come From A Puppy Mill?

Make sure the puppy you are getting didn’t come from a puppy mill. Learn how to spot a puppy mill puppy with these 10 signs.

10 Funny Dog Breeds In The World!

What are the funny dog breeds? Find out the funny characteristics of these dogs and how to take care of them. You might find a new breed!

Positive Reinforcement When Your Dog Doesn’t like Treats

What to do when your dog doesn’t like treats for training. Use positive reinforcement with other items such as toys and petting.

Military Dogs: 10 Things You May Not Know

Find out what military dogs go through in saving soldiers. See how they have been helping military in the past and present.

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