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Top 10 Small Dogs for Older Human

Are you wondering if you're too old to own a dog? Here are the top 10 little dogs that are great for older humans. Go get a squishy face!!

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Night Time: Can Dogs See in the Dark?

Do you know if dogs can see at night? Find out if they can. Also, why do their eyes look reflective in pictures?!

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What Causes ‘Gas’ in Dogs

Have you noticed your dog has gas? Is your dog farting more than often. Find out the possibilities for dog gas and what to do.

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Walking in the Rain With Your Dog

Does your dog like the rain? Some dogs love it and others detest it. Learn how to walk with your dog in the rain.

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Puppy Potty Training At Night

Should you wake your puppy at night to go potty? Puppies can't hold their bladder as long. Find out how to puppy potty train at night.

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26 Helpful “Dog Chart” That Owners Should Have Around

Here are multiple dog chart informational guides to help with your dog. Easy charts that you can print and have around for guidance.

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Dog Proofing Your House and Yard

Keeping your dog safe is a big priority. Dog proofing your house and yard can help alleviate potential hazards from your dog.

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40 Pics of Stretchy Dog Skin Cuteness

Dogs are so forgiving when we make them do foolish things. Have you ever stretched a dog's skin to make them look funny?

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How to Communicate With Your Dog

Do you know how to communicate with your dog correctly? Do they sometimes give you a head tilt like they don't know what you're saying?

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Paws: Is Your Dog Left Or Right Pawed?

Do you know if your dog uses their right or left paws more? Here is a quick game that will tell you if they prefer one paw or both.