Dog Snore: Does Your Dog Snore While Asleep?

Does your dog snore while they sleep? There could be a reason that they snore so much. Snoring can be a health issue.

Dog Weight: Who’s A Little Chunky With Rolls?

Seeing a chubby dog that weighs a lot is not a healthy look. Find out if your dog is in the right weight catagory for their breed.

Bath Time: Who’s A Dirty Dog? Time to Clean

Giving your dog a bath should be a routine practice. There are different ways for your dog to get a bath. Find how and where to go.

Fleas & Ticks: Who’s Feeling a Little “Itchy”

Is your dog scratching a lot? Have you noticed little bugs around your house? It could be fleas and ticks biting your dog.

Dog Nails Care:”Pawdicures” How to Trim Nails

Cutting dog nails should be an easy job. Some dogs don’t like having their nails touched. There are tricks to make it more enjoyable.

Rainbow Bridge: It’s So Hard to Say “Good-bye”

Saying good-bye to your dog as they go over the rainbow bridge is one of the hardest things to go through.

Dog Ears and “Howl” to clean them

Cleaning your dog’s ears should be routinely done. Ever hear of ear hemotomas? It’s when your dog shakes hard and bursts blood vessels.

Aging Dog: When Your Pup Turns Grey

It’s a bummer that our pups can’t stay young forever. Learn the signs of aging in dogs and how to keep them healthy until the end.

Microchip: No, not the edible kind of chips!

Microchipping your dog can be a life saver. It gives your name and phone number if your dog gets lost.

“Happy Tail” in Dogs and How to Treat

Why do dogs get “Happy Tail”? Ever notice if your dog’s long tail keeps hitting things and starts to bleed? Find out how to help their tails.

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