Dog Poetry

For Your Love (Adopting a New Dog)

What do dogs think about when they are in a shelter? Please give these poor souls a place and love for the rest of their lives.

obedient purebred dog resting on mountain slope on sunny day
Dog Poetry

O Beautiful Absorbent Land (The Land I Go Potty On)

A very fine poem from a dog that loves the land that they go potty on. Dogs love to potty in nature with all the scenery while they potty.

brown dog
Dog Poetry

Home Sweet Homey (Dog From Pound)

What a dog in the pound wants you to know through poetry. Dogs that live in the pound have a heart if only you give them a home!

Dog Poetry, health

Just One More Treat (How Much is Too Much?)

How much to you feed your dog? Do you give your pup a treat every time they want one? Feeding too much can lead to obesity and other issues.

field animal dog pet
Dog Poetry, training

Whose Ball This Is I Think I Know (Playing Fetch)

Playing fetch with your dog can get rid of a lot of pent up energy. Find out how to train your dog to fetch and bring the toy back to you.

Dog Poetry

What I Look For In a Poem (Only In Dog Poetry)

This funny dog poem mentions some of the health problems of dogs. I know being a dog lover myself, you'll want your fur companion happy.

woman in stylish outfit training shiba inu
Dog Poetry, training

I Hope You’re Having Fun (Biscuit on Nose)

Training a dog to hold a biscuit on their nose is a great training exercise for patience and motivation. The dog may not like waiting though!

curious purebred shiba inu with golden trophy and medal
Dog Poetry

Float Like a Malamute (Fly Like a Butterfly)

Dogs can get into dog games too! Dogs like to celebrate when they win too! Float Like a Malamute! (Fly like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee)

Dog Poetry, Learn

I Am Dog, Hear My Growl

Dog poem about dog stomach starting to growl. Having a dog, you will encounter messes from now and then. Be sure to be prepared!

grayscale photo of french mastiff close up photo
Dog Poetry

Owners That Say NO!

Saying NO! to a dog can cause them to be hurt. This poem comes from a dog that has an owner that tells them NO! very often.