Startled By A Bird (Chasing Birds)

Some dogs like to chase birds and others just want to watch what a bird does. Does your dog like birds? Or are they scared of them?

For Your Love (Adopting a New Dog)

What do dogs think about when they are in a shelter? Please give these poor souls a place and love for the rest of their lives.

O Beautiful Absorbent Land (The Land I Go Potty On)

A very fine poem from a dog that loves the land that they go potty on. Dogs love to potty in nature with all the scenery while they potty.

Home Sweet Homey (Dog From Pound)

What a dog in the pound wants you to know through poetry. Dogs that live in the pound have a heart if only you give them a home!

Just One More Treat (How Much is Too Much?)

How much to you feed your dog? Do you give your pup a treat every time they want one? Feeding too much can lead to obesity and other issues.

Whose Ball This Is I Think I Know (Playing Fetch)

Playing fetch with your dog can get rid of a lot of pent up energy. Find out how to train your dog to fetch and bring the toy back to you.

What I Look For In a Poem (Only In Dog Poetry)

This funny dog poem mentions some of the health problems of dogs. I know being a dog lover myself, you’ll want your fur companion happy.

I Hope You’re Having Fun (Biscuit on Nose)

Training a dog to hold a biscuit on their nose is a great training exercise for patience and motivation. The dog may not like waiting though!

Float Like a Malamute (Fly Like a Butterfly)

Dogs can get into dog games too! Dogs like to celebrate when they win too! Float Like a Malamute! (Fly like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee)

I Am Dog, Hear My Growl

Dog poem about dog stomach starting to growl. Having a dog, you will encounter messes from now and then. Be sure to be prepared!

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