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Potty Train in One Spot For Your Dog

Potty training your dog to go potty in one spot that you pick. Understand when your dog has 'to go' and teaching them to potty where you want.

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Bad Leash Behavior Dogs With Distractions

Does your dog get mad when they are on a leash and see something they want so they bark and pull you?

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Dog Sleep Position Tell About Them

What does dog sleep position tell about how they sleep? Notice how your dog sleeps. Find out what position means when your dog is sleeping.

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Pennies Are Bad For Dogs to Ingest

Pennies are very harmful for dogs to ingest. It can lead to zinc toxicity. Find out how to prevent your dog from eating pennies.

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Guilty Look From Dogs. Is It Really Guilt?

Everyone has seen the guilty look from dogs. But is it really guilt? Why do dogs give us guilty looks when they're bad? Find out why.

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Stinky Dog Farts: Causes And Prevention Tips

Who do you blame when your dog has STINKY DOG FARTS!!! Is it natural for dogs to fart horrible smells? Maybe there's something causing it.

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10 Bad Human Food You Should Never Feed Your Dog

We all like to give our dogs a little piece of our food. But what are the bad human food that dogs shouldn't eat. Are they in reach of a dog?

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“I Love You” Told By Your Dog With Gestures

Dogs tell us humans I love you with different gestures. There a couple ways to tell if your dog is telling you, I Love You!


Camping With Dogs – Pack a Dog Backpack

Want to go camping with your dog? There are a couple things to think about when camping with dogs. Make sure you mark off this list!


Pet Sitter : Where to Find the Best

When you want to go on vacation, but need to find a pet sitter to look after your precious dog. Here is how to find a great sitter that you and your dog will like.